Frayed Knot Custom Bow Ties

Frayed Knot bow ties are unlike any other bow tie on the market.  While handmade in the USA, unlike most bow ties, Frayed Knot offers a wide range of customization.  These ties are made and sold by the "half" tie.  Each half connects to another half with a magnet in the ends of the ties to form a full bow tie.  Sizing is adjusted simply by pulling the two halves away from each other to slide the magnets through the pocket in the fabric.  These magnets allow you to interchange different colors and designs of fabric allowing for multiple bow tie combinations.  

Unlike spending money on a normal bow tie with one color,  you can spend the same amount for a Frayed Knot bow tie and have two color combinations.  Our most popular option is to purchase one full bow tie and one half bow tie, allowing you to have 6 color combinations.  

Frayed Knot, “Knot Your Average Bow Tie.”


***** How it Works

1. If you've never purchased a Frayed Knot before, you will need 2 half ties in order to create your full Frayed Knot.  If you don't want to think about color options, we have our favorite full ties already picked out for you.

  • 1 Half + 1 Half = Full Custom Bow Tie

2. If you're coming back again, you can purchase one half tie and add it to your collection.  Having 3 halves allows you to have 6 different color/design combinations.

  • 3 Halves = 6 Color Combinations

3. If you want your bow tie to arrive at your doorstep already tied for you, just let us know in the additional comments box before you checkout!  Don't worry, if you don't like the way we tied it, you can un-tie it and do it again to your liking!

  •  We can tie your custom bow tie for you!

If you have any questions feel free to email us at 


Step 1: Choose your two favorite designs

Step 2: Connect the two halves with the magnetic ends

Step 3: Tie like any other bow tie